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Friday, June 20, 2008

Bursa Efek Indonesia Tower I - II

Bursa Efek Indonesia
A. Product
IDX provides a real time trading data in datafeed format for Data Vendors/companies who intend to process and disseminating the data to their users.
The real time trading data consists of:
1. Order Data
o Order Time (time of order entry)
o Stock Code
o Board Code
o Broker Code (except for Regular Board)
o Price
o Volume
o Type of Investor (Local / Foreign)
o Order Number
2. Trade Data
o Trade Time
o Stock Code
o Board Code
o Trade Number
o Price
o Volume
o Buyer Code (Broker)
o Seller Code (Broker)
o Type of Buyer (Local / Foreign Investor)
o Type of Seller (Local / Foreign Investor)
o Buy Order Number
o Sell Order Number
3. IDX Indices Data
o JSX Composite Index
o LQ45 Index; Main Board (MBX); Development Board (DBX)
o Sectoral Indices
4. News
o The summary of news published by IDX
(the news detail published on www.idx.co.id )
5. Corporate Action
o Dividend (Cash/Stock)
o Stock Bonus
o Right Issue
6. Stock Summary
o Previous Price
o High Price
o Low Price
o Last Price
o Change of Price
o Open Price
o Total Trading Volume
o Total Frequency
o Total Value
o Stock Index
o Best Bid Price and Best Bid Volume
o Best Offer Price and Best Offer Volume

Packages of Product
Currently, IDX provides 3 packages of Datafeed Product :
1. Datafeed version G4.00a
This is a full package which provides real time Orders, Trades, Indices, News, Corporate Action and Stock Summary.
2. Datafeed version G4.10a
This package provides real time Trades, Indices, News and Stock Summary.
3. Datafeed version B4.00a
This package is for IDX Members. It provides real time Orders and Trades data of subscribed IDX Members.
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications of Product are available at Trading Data Dissemination Unit, e-mail: jsxdata@idx.co.id.

B. IDX Datafeed Subscribers
IDX Datafeed Subscribers are Data Vendors and IDX Members. Data Vendor is a company who receives the IDX-Datafeed from IDX for the purpose of redistribution to third parties.
IDX Datafeed is available to companies directly from IDX or via an authorized IDX’s Data Vendors. Please contact the Trading Data Dissemination Unit at 62-21 515 0515 or e-mail to jsxdata@idx.co.id for information on subscriptions and connectivity.
The followings are authorized Data Vendors and IDX Members subscribing to IDX datafeed:
1. Authorized Local Vendors
o PT Aiti Investment
o PT IQ Plus Prima
o PT Limas Centric Indonesia Tbk.
o PT RTI Infokom
2. Authorized Global Vendors
o Bloomberg L.P.
o Reuters Ltd.
o Interactive Data Corporation (ComStock)
o Telekurs Financial Information Ltd.
o Thomson Financial Ltd.
o Quick Corp.
o Royalblue Fidessa
o Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
o Yahoo Inc.
o OCBC Sec. Pte. Ltd
o Merrill Lynch
o ValueLink Information Services Ltd.
o Financial Models Company
o The Northern Trust Corp.
3. IDX Members
o PT Ciptadana Sekuritas
o PT Makindo Securities
o PT Merrill Lynch Indonesia
o PT Sarijaya Permana Sekuritas
o PT Indo Premier Securities
Note: IDX Members who redistribute IDX Datafeed to their costumers are treated as a Data Vendor.

C. Price Structure
IDX Datafeed Price Structure consists of:
1. Subscription Fee (shall be payable in advance on a quarterly-basis)

* Subscription Fee for Direct Connection (Data Vendor)
* Subscription Fee for Indirect Connection (Re-Vendor)

2. Additional Port Connection Fee (shall be payable in advance on a quarterly-basis)
3. Information Fee/Terminal Fee (shall be payable on a monthly-basis)
The Information Fee is payable by IDX Datafeed Subscriber for each Clients to whom Subscriber provides the Interactive Accesses to real-time IDX-Data.
4. Security Deposit
The IDX Datafeed Subscriber must deliver to IDX a Security Deposit in the sum 300% of the Subscription Fee.

D. Subscription Procedures
The Applicant has to submit:
1. Application Form
2. Company Profile
3. Company’s Article Association (for Local Company)
4. Approval to content of Agreement.

Application Form
The Application Form is available at Trading Data Dissemination Unit, e-mail: jsxdata@idx.co.id.

E. Contact Person
Trading Data Dissemination Unit
Trading Division
Indonesia Stock Exchange
Phone : 62-21 515 0515
Fax : 62-21 515 0110
E-mail : jsxdata@idx.co.id

Alamat :
The Indonesia Stock Exchange Building
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53
South Jakarta 12190
Phone : (+62) - (021)515-0515; ext.:4307,4309,4312,4321
(+62)-(021) 0800-140-2820(Toll Free)
Fax : (+62)-(021)515-0330
(Sumber: http://www.idx.co.id)