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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Plaza Senayan

Foto: Amri Sukmawan
Plaza Senayan
Twenty hectares (49 acres) of urban redevelopment project is underway creating a mixed -use complex on the south side of Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta . Land were procured from the government by way of a 40 - year lease, at the end of which the land and buildings must be returned to the government free of charge, under what is known as a build - operate - transfer (BOT) scheme. Kajima Overseas Asia Pte. Ltd (KOA) began the development in 1989. The Shopping mall opened in 1996, followed by the first office building and twin luxury apartment towers. The project provides a lavish space where visitors can easily stroll through the facilities, escaping the bustle of the capital city.

The unique feature of the project is that Kajima is handling the commercial development as well as the design and construction, and that the project is operated by Kajima’s local subsidiary P.T. Senayan Trikarya Sempana. Kajima’s expertise in a wide range of fields, accumulated over many years, has been harnessed to manage Senayan Square . Today, the development has such a commanding presence in the locality that the word “Senayan” now normally refers to the Shopping Center, Plaza Senayan, rather than the Locality. The quality of Plaza Senayan is amply demonstrated by the numerous specialty shops, including high - end international fashion brand stores found there, and the approximately 15 million visitors per year.

...In December 2005 with the start of construction of a second office tower. The new tower will be 28 stores tall - 10 stories higher than the first and neighboring office tower - with one level below ground. Kajima’s Architectural Design Division produced the basic design, which was finalized by Kajima Design Asia Pte. Ltd. (KDA). P.T. Kajima Indonesia is constructing the new building, which is scheduled for completion in late 2007.